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Workplace Health & Safety Program

TSR designs each Workplace Health & Safety Program (WHSP) to the specific employer needs and to the type of work performed. The goal of the WHSP is to reduce the likelihood of injuries (through ergonomic assessments and job coaching). Through a collaborative process with the worker, the work environment and the employer the physical job demands of the job are analyzed for risk factors that could be costly to the organization in terms of injury or sick leave time.

TSR Clinics incorporates the preventative treatments of Energetics™ and the assessments of TSR Clinics to ensure that the organization and employees receive the best quality care possible.

Effective Workplace Health and Safety Programs are of great value to employers as “50% of workers disabled for 6 months return to work and 25% of those disabled for 1 year return to work (1987, WSIB report)”

Frequently asked questions about Workplace Health & Safety Programs…

Who is WHSP appropriate for?

Companies, organizations both public and private that would like to reduce company expenditures in terms of loss in human and financial resources.

What does a WHSP include?

  • Prevention:
  • Uses Energetics™ Approach
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Worksite assessments
  • Education sessions in proper body mechanics, and ideal working conditions
  • Pre-placement screening
  • Treatment:
  • Back to work programming
  • Work station modification
  • Reconditioning or work hardening programs
  • Assessments:
  • IME, FAE assessments as needed to determine the next step with specific employees who have been injured.

How will a WHSP benefit our company?

  • A WHSP will reduce expenditures in claims
  • It will reduce employee turnover due to injury
  • It will help ensure that the employer has a safe and efficient work environment.
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