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Non-Dominant Hand Training

A non-dominant hand training program (NDHT) typically begins with an initial assessment to determine appropriate goals for the client.
Appropriate goals for the non-dominant hand may include:

  • Improving range of motion and strength
  • Improving grip or pinch strength
  • Improving gross and or fine motor coordination
  • Developing writing ability
  • Learning one handed typing technique

The therapist will structure a program to address the participantís goals. Session time is intended for training and monitoring the progress of the participant. It is the participantís responsibility to practice the lessons received and to complete required homework assignments.

Frequently asked questions about Non-Dominant Hand TrainingÖ

How long does a NDHT last?

A NDHT program typically entails two, two-hour sessions, each week for 10 to 12 weeks. This may vary depending on the individual participantís needs, and compliance with completing required homework.

Will I receive a report about the participantís progress?

A report is completed after the initial assessment outlining finding of the evaluation and goals of the program. Bi-monthly progress report will be furnished.

Who supervises the NDHT?

A registered occupational therapist will supervise the NDHT

Where does TSR Clinics offer NDHT?

WHP services are offered at the following TSR Clinic locations: Waterloo, Mississauga, Toronto, North York, Markham, Oshawa and Peterborough.

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