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Ergonomic Evaluations

TSR Clinics’ professional staff is competent to perform Ergonomic Evaluations for any job in any work environment.

Frequently asked questions about Ergonomic Evaluations…

What’s included in the Ergonomic Evaluation?

At TSR we perform thorough assessments and furnish superior reports that will be of value to you. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Detailed interviewing process with the relevant employee, supervisor, or management to assist with developing accurate understanding of details and responsibilities for the job being assessed
  • Explanation of the working conditions (i.e., physical and psychological) outlined within the report
  • Observation and measurement of ergonomic risk factors using highly precise tools and methodology
  • Information on ergonomic risks and feasible solutions are presented in the report in easy-to-ready tables
  • Approximate cost of implementing the feasible solutions (upon request)

Who conducts an Ergonomic Evaluation?

An industrial ergonomist or a registered occupational therapist will conduct the Ergonomic Evaluation.

Where is the Ergonomic Evaluation conducted?

The Ergonomic Evaluation must occur at the place where the job is performed. TSR Clinics can perform Ergonomic Evaluations anywhere throughout Ontario.

How long does the Ergonomic Evaluation take?

An Ergonomic Evaluation can typically take 1 to 3 hours; however depending on the complexity of the job, more than 3 hours may be required.

Does the injured worker have to be present for the Ergonomic Evaluation?

Yes. Since ergonomic considerations are specific to the individual is it is essential to have the injured worker present at the assessment.

When can I expect the report?

Reports are furnished between 7 to 10 business days, with an attempt to meet urgent deadlines if requested.

Who would implement the ergonomic changes (feasible solutions)?

TSR Clinics can arrange to purchase, deliver, set-up, and instruct users of the ergonomic devices on proper utilization of those devices. In certain cases postural and biomechanical training, or training on stretching exercises is recommended. More complicated structural changes to the work environment, if required, would be the responsibility of the referral source or employer.

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